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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Saturday night dilemmas…(UPDATED WITH ALCOHOL!)

So I had tentative plans to go out with my flaky best friend tonight. I haven't seen her in over a month and haven't really even talked to her since she canceled on me when I went wedding dress shopping a few weeks ago. But I had suggested we hang out at some point and she wanted to maybe get lunch today. Lunch turned into dinner (because she's never on time for anything) but I ended up having to cancel, because my stepmom took forever running errands.

I don't feel bad about canceling at all, though. Because I didn't really want to go to the place she suggested and she's with one of her friends that I don't particularly like much. If my stepmom had been home in time, I would've gone because it's been ages since I've seen her or done anything remotely resembling socializing outside the house, but I'm not super broken-up about not going. The thing is, I really want a margarita. And boneless buffalo wings.


Like, I want those things enough that I might be motivated enough to go out and get them from somewhere. If I was cool and brave I'd go to a bar or restaurant with a bar by myself. But I'm not. I seriously don't think I could handle that. Unfortunately I don't really have anyone else to go out with.

Also, it's Mr Caterpillar's and my one year anniversary today, I feel like somehow I should celebrate that. Even though we're like 14,000 miles apart.


So… I guess that's my Saturday night Groupdrink dilemma. WHAT DO I DO???

ETA: Went out, got some Wingstop (NOMS!) and a bottle of margarita… whatever this is, and NOW I'M READY FOR SATURDAY NIGHT! WOOHOO!

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