SO...from last night, I kinda feel like some Groupthinkers might be able to identify with Hangover Cat. WELL...CHUG SOME FUCKING WATER! TAKE AN ASPRIN! WALK OR DRIVE YOUR ASS TO THE BOOZE SELLING STORE AND PICK UP SOME MORE DRINKS (seriously, I was here last night...I know you drank it all).

Groupdrink starts at: 9PM EST/ 8PM CST/ 7PM MT/ 6PM EST- TONIGHT WE GO TO 2AM CST!!

Things you missed last night:

  • Jenn's GROOPKINK
  • GROOPMINK (and countless other GROOPryhming posts)
  • Let's see your faces GT... you missed the beautiful people of GT...sorry, that post self-destructed at 1:30AM
  • An ASSLOAD of your Groupthink Friends

What can you look forward to tonight:

  • I'm going out on a limb and thinking GROOPKINK will probably return
  • Some more killer GIFS
  • Penny getting drunk (sorry, I've just missed you so much!)
  • Other, top-secret shit I can't tell you about... BRING YOUR A-GAME... or whatever game you've got!


See you back here at 8PM CST!!

rbe out!