It's always a struggle to find movies that I find scary and also find watchable. (Part of the reason I am very excited about the Horror Movie Club around these parts.) Last night I a lot of searches for scary movies, and here are some roundups that include a lot of so-called gems I've yet to see.

Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldn't Have Missed in 2013 (So Far). I just watched Room 237 and while it's more of a conspiracy film, they're right; it is great. (If all else fails, just watch Cabin in the Woods.)

The Best Satanic Movies You Probably Haven't Seen. I am pretty sure the only one I've sen on this list is Deconstructing Harry. (Yes, Deconstructing Harry is on this list.)

The Most Popular Horror Movies of the Last 2 Years. Remember kids, "popular" does not equal "good." (Though The Innkeepers is very good.) This list is in annoying slideshow format; sorry.


Not so into the scary? How about The Best Quasi-Science Fiction Movies You Probably Haven't Seen? Emphasis on the "quasi."

Over all of it? How about 20 Underappreciated Gems Currently Playing on Netflix Instant. If they're all as good as Next Stop Wonderland? Yes, oh yes.