Let’s talk food and drink!

I’m looking for some new food blogs and/or recipes, especially those which feature spring produce. What’s your favorite springtime dish? And where do you look for cooking inspiration? What’s on your menu tonight?

BudgetBytes is my go to blog (I even bought her book—it’s pretty dang good, too!) for food ideas but I’d love to hear what’s been motivating you to get into the kitchen. (Also! Not to start food wars up again, but I’m a vegetarian—if you have any veggie recipes you’d love, I’d be especially grateful for those. But feel free to share whatever you like! <3).

With Homey laid up, we’ve been relying far too much on takeout and convenience foods—I need to get back into the habit of actually, you know, cooking.

Feel free to post favorite recipes and blogs, questions and/or requests for recipe ideas!