Hi all!

It’s Saturday evening here, and I’d like to use this space for anyone who’d like to share support in sobriety.

Saturdays used to be the day when I was “permitted” to drink in excess - but, since addiction is progressive, my “excess” was rather a lot, and my daily drinking increased as well. I took my cocktails very seriously, and I lived my life drunk and then hungover, over and over again.

Our society seems primed for addiction. We are often isolated by our work lives, by dysfunctional relationships, and TV and movies show more and more normalized drinking. It is a challenge to maintain sobriety when the world is so crazy and everyone else seems to use alcohol as a coping mechanism.

But I remind myself every day, especially on the bad days, that life is so much harder with alcohol. Sober, I can manage whatever comes my way, even if it hurts. Drunk, my life is unmanageable. And together, we can offer support and company on our sober journeys


Since we often talk about the “vangenda,” I thought we could try this prompt: Victory, Admission, and Gratitude - the past week’s VAG. We can share a moment when we kicked butt, a moment that was challenging, and/or something we are grateful for.

My V: instead of drinking while my family life was going to hell, I shared my struggles here and felt less alone.


A: I went to a social event tonight with a group of people I used to drink with. It was really hard to socialize sober. I’m still getting used to being this new Belle who doesn’t drink.

G: definitely GT this week. I was in a panic about my bro and I got so much love and advice here. Thanks to all!


I’m open to however y’all want to approach this! If anyone has any other ideas I’m game! Sending good sober vibes.