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Saturday Night Sober

Edit: I think from here on out I’m going to post this earlier, as I crashed around 10:00 last night! So I’ll be posting at 6:00 eastern. Also, I think this post should be open for GTers to discuss other concerns, such as mental illness, ED, whatever we are struggling with. If you are not sober, that’s totally fine! Thanks to everyone who commented and I look forward to engaging more next Saturday!

Evening, all!

How’d the week go? I for one am ready for nicer weather. My preferred state is on my back deck with a good book and a snowball.


Here’s my VAG for the week -

Victory: I decided to get a cat. I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I was worried about everyone else’s opinions but I am ready to take on this responsibility. I think having a companion to care for will be hugely helpful in my sobriety. Drunk, I couldn’t even take care of myself. Now I can serve a being who deserves love and a safe home.

Admission: I’m watching Jessica Jones and the constant drinking is getting to me. It doesn’t help that she drinks brown liquor which was what I drank when things got worse. I know it’s not shown as a positive aspect of her character, but I also know what it feels like to drink my feelings away. So that’s a challenge.

Gratitude: I’m grateful for days without hangovers. Every morning I make coffee and sit in the living room with a fuzzy blanket, and after a few minutes Beau will come in and say hi and give me a kiss on the head. I’m still groggy in the morning, but now I can get my kiss and feel healthy and content. It’s now my favorite part of the day.

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