It’s been a long time since I’ve don’t an SNS round up post. Normally find interesting posts that didn’t get a whole lot of love the night before.

Eastcoastcaligirl needs to come with 3 questions to help focus her research for her dissertation on African American Literature.

Grumpyeagle just hates when people beg for money online and then use the money for thing other than essentials.

TampaBeeAtch-Very Powerful Non-Crackpot wants to know if other Florida Jezzies want to do a meetup?


I Have Thoughts Thinks 2016 Has No Chill is freaking out about applying to Law school and needs a huge internet hug.


Albatross_Y has a friend in need. Help them by filling out a survey.

arewemenoramidevo will be doing a podcast on long-term mental illness.


Bunny Peach is not the one.

SheehThesesNames had a bit of ramble.


DuchessesGrinningSoulOfNorthHaverbrook wants to know what should she do about her 6-year-old nieces clingy behavior.