Cleaned my apartment today—some people are supposed to come over but they seem to be late. Of course, I was ready for them two hours before the earliest time they could possibly come, so I am feeling so bored right now.

I’ve got wine, OJ, vodka, tonic water, little squeezy thing of lime juice, tortilla chips and salsa, pita chips and hummus, basically this whole spread as if this were a legit party instead of a few people coming over to pre-game before we hit the bars.

My roommate is not coming back. She and her cat are gone, just her stuff is still here. Once she gets it I am going to move my things to fill up the space and live here alone. It’s a weird thing to get used to. I guess I will have to make some new friends now that so many of mine have moved away.

It feels kind of awkward, sitting here alone in my party dress, surrounded by party snacks, with a party playlist on Pandora. I wish people would just get here! I don’t really want to start drinking until they do, and since I spent so much time cleaning I want us to have time to properly pre game before we go to the bars, but if they are much later we’ll probably just go straight there and I will have mopped and bought snacks for nothing. :\ (although the floors did really need to be mopped, so at least that’s done.)

What’s up with you?

update: they are now officially super duper duper late, and the whole thing makes me feel like I’ve been treated rudely. But they are in a cab on their way here! So they will be here soon. This one girl is a friend of a friend (from another country) who is in town for a fellowship thing, and I am showing her and her friends (also from the other country) the local nightlife.