Come join me Kinja singles! If you would like me to delete this post later just let me know in the comments, most of the time I don’t but I will upon request and sometimes I go back and delete old ones from weeks ago. I’m sure it makes no sense how I gained a presence here from an outside perspective since most of my posts self destruct! Greyjoy is like the wind.

Week one since Jon Snow left for England and today he started the cruise he’ll be on with his parents so I won’t hear from him as much. We’ve been chatting on Whatsapp. If I try to stay up late we can chat for a bit and then for some of the day when I wake up until mid afternoon or so. It seems to work. I didn’t expect to be talking every day while he’s gone but we are! I feel happy! Even in my longest relationship I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way. I didn’t even know this feeling was possible!

Officially I am still single though, and now more than ever I am back to my single girl routine of TV and drinking (not getting drunk, I just like a drink or two after work to unwind, sue me) but I’m gonna work on exercising my leg more to gain some flexibility. I really don’t want to pay for more physical therapy, especially at the place I went to before. The staff was great but it was in an existing gym and it’s just not fun to be around people running on treadmills and weight training when you can barely walk. It was always really unpleasant for me and somewhat embarrassing and people stare.

Also, I have a weird sexual question, have you ever encountered a nether region that tasted terrible. My ex’s penis was absolutely horrible. It made me gag almost immediately because it just tasted bad. This was the first person I gave a blow job to, but every other peen has not had this effect. And I know he was clean and showered regularly, it just whatever he had like pre-cum or something tasted terrible to the point of making me want to vomit. I’ve heard of people smelling bad down there, but so far no one has related something like this to me and it makes me really wonder why he in particular was so hard to swallow if you will.