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SATURDAY SINGLES + the Tinder Chronicles

Hey there Kinja singles, come join me for an open thread!

It has been one week on Tinder and so far:

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But that’s one message so far, so at least I’m not bombarded by fisting propositions...

Tattooed guy stopped messaging me =(

I thought Wine Guy was done but he followed up yesterday and we exchanged numbers, he has been drunk texting me today but I find him really entertaining. Our texting has been pretty easy and not forced. I have also been messaging a self-proclaimed Southern Gentleman. In the Batman vs Superman debate he is team Batman. I’m team Superman, this may cause some problems but I’m willing to work through it.


So far:

Matches: 24
Conversations: 8 (most ended by the second reply)
Murders so far: 0 (I’m still alive guys!)
Headless abs: ~10 (I’ll try to keep a better count next time)
Arms wide open mountaintop pics: Seriously guys stop doing this!


According to my conversations I am “not like other LA girls” what the fuck that means, I have no idea, since by proxy, I live in LA and am therefore and LA girl/disembodied penis so...? I am not trying to be ~*different*~ I just wanna find a decent fuck buddy you guys.


It’s 9:00 here in LA so what are my singles up to tonight??

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