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Saturday Night OT for newcomers & lurkers

Don’t be shy

an official welcome from the groupthink community

In the spirit of being more welcoming to newcomers and lurkers, I’m trying to post a weekly OT that is specifically welcoming for newcomers and/or lurkers. Everyone was new their first time. We are happy to hear from new people. No need to worry or introduce yourself or anything. Just jump in and start commenting here or anywhere. There is no secret knock or initiation. As long as you are civil and follow our guidelines (see more here and here.), then you part of the community.

Feel free to treat this as totally OT. If you aren’t sure what to talk about, tell us what t.v. shows are into right now and why.


About GroupThink:

GT it is like a moderated Saturday night social, but so much more. Posts range from well thought out and beautifully written posts on serious topics (we have brilliant authors) to deeply personal posts to mundane and everything in between. A long long time ago, there was a link to groupthink on the main page of jezebel and it was just one big open thread. Then came kinja and the ability to create posts. By then it was separate (not linked on the main page). However, for awhile Groupthink posts were sometimes shared to the mainpage. We got a lot of traffic and new contributors that way. Then we were eventually uncoupled from jezebel entirely becoming groupthink.kinja.com. instead of groupthink.jezebel. Posts are no longer shared to the mainpage either. It’s hard to find us now and kind of really amazing, but way too well kept secret. We aren’t hiding on purpose. We are welcoming to newcomers, but just hard to find these days.

Your Moderators:

We have a group of lovely volunteer moderators here to make this a great community.

Groupthink is an intersectional feminist space.

For more information please read here and here. 

Your moderators are:

You can contact the mods @ groupthinkmods@gmail.com

Authorship (the ability to write posts rather than just comment):

Authorship is granted a few times per year to regular commenters. Invite threads are posted seasonally.



Is open to anyone. Your first comments will appear in gray, but good commenters are usually followed and “ungrayed” pretty quick. Although any author here (there are 100's can gray and ungray people at any time). If it happens to you, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL. It happens. It sucks, but it just a thing that happens to people. Don’t read anything into it.


Say hi, introduce yourself, tell us a joke, ask for advice, let us know you are here.

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