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Save Karyn

Bumblecat’s GoFundMe post reminded me of the early days of cyberbegging.

Let me take you back to the olden times. Before Youtube and Facebook. When people still searched the web using Lycos and AtlaVista and probably Yahoo (but I always hated Yahoo) and google was not yet a verb. The days of MySpace and AIM. When TWOP was still the super snarky MightyBigTV and Jessica’s (?) recaps were the only thing that got me through the final season of The X-Files.


Back in 2002, the first internet crowdfunding project to go viral (but certainly not the first attempt at cyberbegging) was SaveKaryn.com which we can still see today thanks to the glorious internet wayback machine. So early 2000s.

I still remember all the hate she got from people as the donations grew. Then the book deal. I was impressed and considered starting my own religion because what better way to make money but like all my million dollar ideas I’m to lazy to do anything with them. Good times.

And now I”m going to waste a bunch of time on some of my old favorite sites like jumptheshark.com and The Best of Craiglist, and maybe log into my hsx.com account and see how much money I”ve lost since I last logged in.

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