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This job is so . . . stagnant. Most days, I play on FB until something comes my way. I try to hidd that I’m on FB . . . but I’m definitely on FB. I’m bored. I’m not stimulated. I’m not challenged. I’ve asked for new work, new projects, new responsibilities. I’ve put myself out there. But my awesome boss and mentor quit six months ago, and the transition was . . . rocky . . . and it threw me back to a lowly position where I had to run everything by my new manager and any autonomy I had won in the last year dissipated. I’m back to a place where they trust me enough to leave me alone with my work, however there just isn’t enough work. Before my boss left, he was planning to recommend a promotion for me. Afterwards, that plan was quickly aborted and I was told I had been working outside of my job description. They were worried I was doing more than I should, working too independently. So reign it in. Ok, I reigned it in. I only did what I was asked to. I didn’t initiate projects. I put my head down and tried to remember my place. And now I’m just bored. BORED. This isn’t my industry, this isn’t interesting to me. I’m applying to jobs, I’m crossing my fingers, I’m dreaming of places where respect is part of the daily day at the office.


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