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Save the Chickens! (and donkeys and cows and pigs and ducks and goats and sheep and...)

Look at this fancy chicken. That is a damn fancy chicken. You know you want to pet it. (seriously, click the clucker)

This is just a friendly PSA from one of the many resident tree-hugging dirt-worshippers here to check out the Livestock Conservancy's list of endangered livestock breeds if you're considering keeping livestock now or in the future.


Keeping genetic diversity and "heritage breeds" alive and well can go a long way toward improving sustainable farming and cultivation practices. The Livestock Conservancy has lists of breeds for any/all livestock needs, from the large and bovine to the smaller feathered types that could benefit from more farmers and homesteaders taking them on as part of their agri-business or hobby.

So if you're thinking of keeping a flock or a gaggle, a herd or a hutch, check out which breeds could help everyone but checking in with the Livestock Conservancy!

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