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So I'm enjoying my snow-free snow day and I'm watching some Saved By the Bell because WHY WOULDN'T I? I'm watching Home For Christmas, Part 1 (Season 4, Episode 24 - GOOD MORNING MISS BLISS COUNTS) and Saved By the Bell is throwing down some real truth.


In this scene, Zack is trying to woo Laura, who he met in the food court, and things are going well (because that Zack is a ladykiller!), until the homeless man that Zack met in the bathroom (Spoiler alert: it's Laura's dad! But the point still stands) walks by and waves. The next exchange is a fantastic bit of awesomeness rarely seen in SBTB:

Zack: I gave him some money; I just hope he spends it on food.

Laura: What do you mean by that?

Zack: Well, you know, when you give a guy a handout, you can't be sure if he's really hungry, or a wino, or worse. (chuckles) So, pick you up at 12:30?

Laura: Forget it. I just lost my appetite.

You go, Laura.

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