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Saving money! Being responsible!

Anyone have any good tips or apps they use? I’m working a low paying job and living at home after recently graduating, and it’s a bit of a shock 1) not having to pay rent 2) having a salary and 3) SO many temptations now that I’m not living in a tiny liberal arts college thats a fifteen minute drive to walmart! There are drinks and shops and food varieties and expensive public transport and tickets to fun cultural events.

So I’m back on the saving money train. I always spend less than each pay check, and I do have a savings account with money in it, but I’m still spending more than I should. Socializing is hard because no one wants to hang out in their own apartments, but they’re also not willing to trek out to my home in the suburbs. I hate feeling like I have to pay a third party for the privilege of maintaining friendships (not to mention dating or staying remotely in shape).

I’ve downloaded mint to try to make a budget, but, how do I start? How do I decide what’s an appropriate amount?


Ive also read some great reviews of Ibotta - anyone have a referral code? if you feel more comfortable emailing this or any other suggestions, I'm thelilacunicorn1@gmail.com!

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