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Saving Money on Fresh Food - Is it Possible?

Has anyone actually been successful "couponing" when most of what you buy is fresh meats and vegetables? It seems to me that most "food" coupons are for processed foods or boxed foods. Cereals, canned goods, frozen foods, etc. But, if you're like me and make your own stuff using fresh food, you're chuck out of luck. I always end up with a high bill even though I'm buying like ten items max.

I just don't know how to save on groceries when I buy actual, fresh ingredients. Seems the best I can do is just try to buy something that is on sale at the actual store. Around me, I haven't had much luck with Farmer's Markets that are cheaper than the grocery store, but maybe I'm not going to the right places, I don't know.


I remember trying to explain to someone that buying fresh food is so much more expensive than just getting a meal via fast food. This is why poor and working class folks often eat badly. And, I'm no paragon of healthy living having been raised poor and working class myself. But, trying to do better is hella expensive. I haven't found a way to make it less so.

ETA: Thank you, everyone for all of your advice and tips! Seriously, there are some things I can do better to save that I'm learning here. It is much appreciated!

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