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Saving Mr. Banks

My family and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks the other day, and I came out with really mixed feelings.

From a purely cinematic standpoint, the movie was great. Everyone in the cast did a fantastic job, particularly Emma Thompson, so no complaints there. And I'd be lying if I said my eyes didn't get a little moist. But the backstory to the movie, the very fact that it exists, just makes the whole thing feel so... wrong.

It seems downright disrespectful for Disney to make this film, especially when the source material seems so close to Travers' heart and personal life. I love Mary Poppins the film, always have, but the fact of the matter is she didn't. Soit's bad enough that Disney screwed P.L. Travers over so much that she refused to let anyone from the production touch her stuff again, but then they have to drag her, herself up into this Disney-produced, historical-revisionist film 50 years later? And then they have the gall to imply that she liked the movie in the end, which she emphatically did not?


As good as the movie is, the whole thing feels really disrespectful to P.L. Travers' legacy, and I'm pretty sure that its existence proves she was right all along.

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