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I got to finally hang out with an old college friend yesterday. We’d been trying to meet up since early November. It was so nice to just sit in her apartment, coloring, drinking wine and cuddling her kitties.

We chatted for about 3 hours just about life and college and work and boys and blah blah blah. Just a good reconnecting.

Something about this time of year, but especially this year, has me all happy and dopey in love for the future but also for now. For the moment now. Enjoying these full and busy days of your to-do list of fun like Star Wars and baking cookies and finding that perfect present you can’t wait to give your loved one.


And I know I sound so annoyingly “tra-la-la yay life!” But, my mood has been on the major upswing as of late and it just makes me appreciate the good days. Cause those deep, dark depress-y days of everything is shit (and yes, lots of stuff is totally shit, especially this past week) can put you in such a horrible, angry mindset. It’s nice to channel Jenny Lawson and remember, depression lies.

Anywhats, hope y’all had a lovely weekend! Can’t believe its Monday yet again.

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