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Saw A Sad Sight Today And Magazine Question

As we were driving in the lane next to us there was a hearse with its blinkers on along with cars in back with their blinkers on. I did find a white hearse with black roof odd but the cars behind it there were just three. I do not know about first two cars behind the hearse but last car had one person, the driver. So 9 folks at most were going to gravesite. I hope more were already at the gravesite but I doubt many based on the number of cars in procession.

I went to my cousin’s wake who was slightly younger then me amd there were 17 folk including my mother amd I. We stayed for all two hours. His father had 200 plus at his wake and close to 100 at gravesite. The son died months after his father died.


At a thrift shop I bought for about $1.25 four Military History magazines from 2014. Anyone know this magazine’s reputation. If its one of those right wing “let’s change history to suit right wing purposes” they are going in trash. If they are accurate or try to be I will read them.

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