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We got to the fleamarket LATE 8:30. My mother overslept thus waking me up late. It was 7:15. BF and GF had to eat then be walked to pee and poop. So we left at 8:10.

I hit all the rows then backtracked. So I found my mother at 9:15 to say I was going for a snack in the food area. They have circular tables for 4 (about 15 and picnic tables). With the circular tables you can drink beer that you can buy there but cannot leave the table area with the beer. No clue as to why.


So at 9:30 after buying literally nothing. Lots and lots of dealers but I was interested in nothing. I went for my first and only purchase. It was a grilled bagel with creamcheese, the Sunday newspaper for 50 cents and a diet coke..

So I went to the circular tables. Oh these tables have umbrellas which were open. I sat down. The bagel with creamcheese was in tinfoil so I opened the tinfoil then opened the bagel. They put a lot of creamcheese. I also opened my can of diet coke. I was then about to pull paper apart for Target flier. Its first thing I read. I assume everyone does.


Diagonal to me was this man in his 20s standing, a woman mid 30s sitting at the table and a boy about four. The boy kept jumping up trying to reach his father’s drink.

It was a large cup of beer.

The woman said “Want some of your aunt’s gatorade”?

Boy kept jumping for his dads drink.

Aunt repeated it.

I was trying to ignore them but couldn’t.

The father said “I will give him a sip”.

The Aunt responded “He shouldn’t have any”.

I was watching thinking “no kidding”.

The father GAVE his cup to his son.

The Aunt did not look happy.

The boy tipped the cup back drinking not sipping.

The Aunt said “stop drinking that” and was starting to rise.

Now you would think the father would never have left the boy controlling the cup.


The father took it back. Beer was a quarter gone. The Aunt looked mad and said “he guzzled it how could you have let him”.

The father instead of looking sheepish and contrite along with realizing it was wrong. Looked amuse. Amused.


I told my mother this. She came to the food area ten minutes later. That family was gone by then.

My mother’s theory was this was not the first time he gave beer to his son. That’s why the boy wanted it.


I know some European countries let kids drink but at about 4? We both thought this was horrible parenting by him.

I cannot even imagine what alcohol does to a child this young. Or are we overreacting?


My mother then said when I was a few months old my father gave me a sip of his beer and told the doctor amusingly. Yes my father thought it was amusing. My mother did not. The doctor laid into my father angrily. My mother told me the story quite angrily. Oddly looking back as a child I recall maybe one at most two times him drinking beer. Actually her story surprised me.

She told me this in the car.

Anywaus prior to leaving the fleamarket a dealer was giving away magazines. Home and Garder from the 90s my mother took quite a few. She also got a magazine rack and a few other things. The magazone rack was Bombay Company and 5 dollars,.she then discovered it was missing a handle on one side and wished she did not buy it.

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This is what it looks like I found picture online.

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