Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm sick! I somehow, despite going almost nowhere, ever, have managed to get the flu. I have a fever! How did I not know this is the flu? He even prescribed Tamiflu for me.


Since I have the stupid flu, he just did a quick check. I'm healing like a champ! I've lost almost 11 lbs in the past two weeks, which is weird. Thanks Obama!?!?! The surgeon said that might happen, he attributed my lack of weight loss to issues with endometriosis/stensosis, and said he thought I was holding water weight. I may get to feel like a human being again (I've had chronic pelvic/cramping pain since a small surgery in Aug 2012, and while I still have the back issues, less pain is a good thing for me)! m It's really nice to not have cramps every day.

The flu thing though, that is ugh!

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