The photo is of my dad being stalked by my snowball-wielding niece on Mt. Hood the other day.

My dad, mom, and I went to see the oncologist yesterday.

No surprises, really. My dad has inoperable stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Also unsurprisingly, all the doctor recommends is a course of chemotherapy. He says it has 30%-40% of helping. By “helping” he means “shrinking or stopping the growth of the cancer.”


That’s about as best as we can expect.

The good news is that he got prescriptions for pancreatic enzymes, pain, and nausea.


I am excited about the pancreatic enzymes because they should make it easier for him to eat for while. He gets cramps when he eats too much now, but the enzymes should help.

I am so grateful for the support I am getting here. Thank you all for all your kind words.


Update: I forgot to mention that my cousin in Pennsylvania is an operating room nurse who knows many surgeons who specialize in pancreatic cancer. I’ll be sending her a cd of my dad’s medical records/scans/etc. She says that they operate on many pc patients who were told their cancer was inoperable elsewhere. It can’t hurt to have them check it out.