Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I took my fiance to see this movie last night. I figured she put up with "The Lego Movie" so i owed her one. It was a pretty standard chick flick, had some funny parts but not the best movie i've ever seen. She seemed to like it so that was good. But there was one part that really bothered me. There is a minor spoiler.

It was about halfway through the film. The girls had just had a big swinging party at Leslie Mann's bro's beach house. Cameron Diaz wakes up wearing a denim button up shirt backwards like a straight jacket with the bro looking at her. She is laying on a cot next to his bed and he assures her they didn't do anything last night. He did help her get to bed but didn't do anything else since he considers himself a pretty good guy.


Ok, when did our standards get so low that by not raping a drunk woman you can give yourself a pat on the back and call yourself a good guy. I mean, i get what the message the director was trying to give, and it was obviously trying to hammer in that this is the guy she will end up with. But it seems to me that not raping someone should be our default behavior. Jim Rome, the sports talk show used to say that you don't get credit for doing the things you're supposed to do. Go to work, pay your taxes, be a good parent. Those are default things, not extra stuff you get special notice for. On top of it, the way he said it, he gave this rougish grin as if to say "Hey, remember how i didn't rape you. Yeah i'm pretty charming aren't i."

I don't know, maybe i'm making mountains out of molehills. But ever since i started coming to these blogs i've noticed things i never have before and something like this which may have been pushed aside as no big deal seems different now.

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