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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Say "Goodnight," Shiny

"Goodnight, Shiny."

First, a new exclamatory phrase, invented just this evening by the Nanobot. In response to the bit at the end of "When Doves Cry" when His Great Purpleness gets all high and screechy, Nanobot declared, "Muskets of Mars! That's annoying!" Please, let's make "Muskets of Mars" a thing. It just hits me right in the funnies.


Quick update on the lawyer since so many of you wished me luck (thanks!)

My situation is MUCH better than I feared. I'm going to take a hit to my credit, but I'll recover. I WON'T be responsible for Asshole's credit card debt, which is what I was really worried about. My name isn't on those cards and I made him sign the statement of responsibility for the ones he opened in my name months before he started looking into declaring bankruptcy. So I can't be accused to making him sign it because of that.


He hasn't paid any child support, but there is already a court order in place for him to do so. All I have to do is pick it up, take it down to the appropriate office, fill out some paperwork, and hey presto they start garnishing his wages PLUS INTEREST. (That plus interest bit makes me all the happy because it won't be much but it's money he didn't have to pay if he'd just not been an asshole.)

I mentioned how I let the Bots continue their tradition of staying with his parents on Friday nights after we moved out. And when he asked me why, I said, "Because they were scared I was going to take their grandchildren away from them and never let them see them, and I wanted them to know that wasn't true. Because I'm a nice person." His response: "You really are. I don't see that much." But he does advise weaning them off of those visits, which is something I had planned on doing anyway.


So, to borrow from the Crimson Short One:

Cat: All in all, a 100% successful trip!Kryten: But, sir, we lost Mr. Rimmer.Cat: All in all, a 100% successful trip!

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