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You know what they say about all good things, friends.

Either they must end naturally, or they must be exposed as elaborate hoaxes that forever dash your faith and trust in that which you shouldn't have invested your faith and trust, in the first place.

This is one or both of those times. I have greatly enjoyed interacting with you all over the past 24ish hours. In no time whatsoever I can see you all being as insightful, endearing, lovable, and kind as I have learned to be in my six long years on this planet, if you only follow my example.

The truth: I have been accepted to Juilliard. My studies as a cellist will occupy all of my time. If I work hard, I will be the youngest graduate of Juilliard ever.


So this is where I say goodbye, friends. I know some of you, at least, have invested emotional energy into my well-being, and to you all I say: For every Little Raffey, there is a real child, somewhere (for real), who is probably doing lots of the things that I did (for fake).

Maybe less exaggerated, though. Probably.

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