Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Saying goodbye to an alter ego

Today I am officially laying to rest an alternate persona that I created during my employment at my old company. I guess I should start off by explaining that I am all about employee rights. This mentality (ideally) comes with the job description of HR people, right? Not so much, in my experience. After one too many times of being branded an insubordinate troublemaker and then ignored by management (usually after informing them that refusing to pay an employee for hours worked is seriously not cool), I took a different tactic. And the HR Bandit was born! I don't think it's extreme at all to say that many companies rely on their employees not knowing the law and their rights in order to take advantage of them. So as the HR Bandit, I helped tons of our employees by printing federal regulations regarding things like OT, meal times, paycheck withholdings, accrued vacation time payouts, discrimination information, etc., and I explained these things to them and told them what to say to management. I did what I could to make sure that none of the employees I helped got fucked over. They got PAID. I don't feel the slightest sense of guilt for circumventing management in these situtations. I knew I would have to when a boss once snidely informed me that "the federal government doesn't sign my paycheck" so he could pay or not pay employees whenever he felt like it. Goodbye, HR Bandit.... I hope you are no longer needed. (Sorry if this is all one long paragraph.)


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