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Saying Thank You Instead of Saying I'm Sorry

I am usually not someone who is super moved by graphics on the internet, but this is one of the most poignant and helpful things I’ve read, and something I feel like I should print out and hang every where. An enormous hat tip to the creator, Yao Xiao, who is a wonderful artist in many other ways.

What about you, GT? Where are my other chronic “I’m sorry”-ers at? I think the thing I love about this is that it not only reminds you not to focus negativity on yourself, but rather positivity on the relationship. And I don’t know about anyone but usually when I come in saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” what I’m really saying is “Oh god please still love me despite this!”, and I think showing your appreciation for someone is probably a better way to keep them thinking warm thoughts about you (especially since a lot of of times apologies can be selfish; the other person has to put aside irritation and forgive you, where as a “thank you” asks nothing of the other person but to accept the thanks and feel good)

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