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Scalia: still an asshole

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Holy fucking shit. It's not until the end of this post that his SCOTUS PRIVILEGE is showing, you guys.

"Whose expression is at stake when most people couldn't even come near the limit?" asked Ginsburg. Scalia retorted, with his famous jolt of sarcasm, "I assume a law that only prohibits the speech of two percent of the country is okay."


It is mindblowing to me that the idea that this two percent being restricted in giving gajillions of dollars to political candidates is "prohibiting their speech." It doesn't prohibit anything, you fucking assclown, apart from the ability to buy politicians ears with your obscene fucking wealth.

Campaign finance is a minor hobby horse for me and I am utterly dreading the idea that SCOTUS is going to somehow make things even WORSE than they are. The Supremes are already responsible for this "corporations are people too!" bullshit and the idea - as Scalia puts it - that money funneled to politicians is "gratitude" and not an expectation of mutual handjobs under the table is so intellectual dishonesty of such magnitude that I'm amazed the time-space continuum didn't warp and swallow him into a black hole on the spot.

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