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Scandal: Binge Watching Two Season. Now Thoughts.

I'm on a roll this morning (technically still ten minutes left before noon). Spoiler? Maybe.

1. No. No Fitz and Olivia shipping. That man is petulant, spoiled, jerk. Yes, he can be charming but not when he is giving Olivia shit because she won't be with him. Well someone has to pretend to be an adult with a conscience Fitzy!

2. Fitz is mean to his wife. I like Mellie, she is smart, driven and should be president. I'm tired of Fitz running rough shod over his wife because he doesn't want to be married any more and wants to obsess over Olvia. God, why do these women put up with that sulky bastard? They are smart.


3. Cyrus and James. Love. James is a tough man and he can handle his husband. He brings Cyrus (Mr. King Maker, Mr. Ball Breaker, Mr. Mean) to his weepy knees. Do it James. And show the ladies how it's done.

4. Olivia might need AA. Also I hate red wine. Where's the love for white. Also I think Red Wine is a character.

5.I cannot wait to see Olvia's Dad in action. Fierce.

6. Team Jake. I know he surveiled her but he does like her and that was Dad's fault anyway. Could be the healthiest relationship Olivia can have.


7. Olivia=Katherine. Fitz=Healthcliff. Think about it.

8. Harrison is a one bad ass mo fo. He can bring it, own it, and get it done.

9. Little miss Quinn just gleefully went to the dark side. Loving it. Oh, my poor gentle Huck. What will you do Dr. Frankenstein? The monster must be killed once unleashed.


10. I look forward to Season 3 and hope that Kerry Washington stops with the perma sad face thing she has going on.

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