A while ago, I saw a post on GT where people shared the random things their cats were afraid of. Since I'm all about Team Dog over here, I think we too deserve a chance to discuss what scares our pooches.

I can't say that R.B.'s particularly afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but that might be the case because I pretty much never vacuum anything, ever. One time though, we were going on a walk around the park, and some guy was there practicing with his parasailing gear. R.B. already bears more than a passing resemblance to the Simple Dog from Hyperbole And A Half, and his reaction was pretty similar as well. The parachute suddenly soared into the air, and he flattened himself down and howled in pure terror. The substantial portion of his brain left over from the late Jurassic was just screaming with warnings about being carried off by pterodactyls, and he was pretty shaky the rest of the walk. In general, he's pretty anti big birds, which means he has something in common with Mitt Romney as well.