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Fucking Terrifying Road Rage Experience

I had one of the scariest driving-related moments of my life today and I'm still pretty shaken up about it. I know that I haven't posted here regularly in awhile but I just need to get this out of my system.

It's snowing torrentially here today in Dallas. Our roads are not built for any kind of winter weather and nobody knows how to drive on it correctly, nor are our cars equipped for snow travel. It snowed probably 3-4 inches in a 2-3 hour time frame and the streets were chaos- wrecks on literally every corner, the main road back from school had smashed and jackknifed cars in every direction. Yet, the notoriously aggressive drivers in this area did not let up. Trucks were passing me on either side whipping down the road at 50-60 mph with barely any visibility (mind you this is a side street, not even the highway...) Google maps looked like a three year old had just gone to town on it with a red crayon. Scary stuff.

Anyway. It took me about 35 minutes to go 1.5 mile down the road towards my aparment from school. I passed through a major intersection and noticed a Lincoln SUV splayed out in the middle of the road across 2 lanes. He didn't have any kind of a signal on, so I assumed he'd stalled out. I inched past him a little and kind of tried to check the situation out, and he still wasn't moving, so I kept going. The SUV then, all of a sudden, pulled up and looked like he was going to push me out of the lane. Then, the guy driving has his window down and is yelling something at me. First thing I thought was that he needed help or was trying to warn me about something in the road, then I realized he was screaming AT me about pulling around him. I was totally taken aback and had this look on my face like "what the fuck is going on" while I'm still trying to drive on these snowpacked roads and navigate through a wreck that was just ahead. He kept his window down and screamed at me loud enough for me to hear through my closed window that I was a fucking fat bitch, a fat fucking cunt and that I needed to go eat a cheeseburger and fucking die, and then followed me at close distance for several blocks. I was fucking terrified. I tried to call 911 and of course my phone died right at that second. I could have screamed something back but in Texas it wouldn't surprise me if the psycho had a gun in his glovebox and would put a bullet in my head over a traffic dispute.


I managed to remember his plate number and vehicle description and called the police once I got back to my apartment and plugged my phone in. I doubt they can or will do anything, but at least I did something.

It really upset me and I am feeling very disturbed still. I keep shaking and tearing up. I live alone and it's not safe to drive to anyone's house.

I am very content with my appearance and size, and I know that I am a beautiful woman, but there's nothing quite like some insane jackass screaming your own former self-loathing at you in the middle of the street.

Cat pictures/animal gifs? :(

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