Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I went to my apartment office this morning to report what happened yesterday, hoping they have security cameras or something that would have caught his license. They didn't, but the apartment manager called the police for me. They had to send someone out to make a report.

The officer just left my apartment, and he was so nice. I've never made a police report or anything, so I was afraid he would tell me all the things I did wrong in the situation or something, but he assured me that the guy was an asshole and that I did nothing wrong. He took all the details, and told me to call them if I ever see this guy again, or if I see or hear anything suspicious. He reassured me that I won't get in trouble if I call them and it turns out to be nothing, especially since they have this report. He was just awesome. I wanted to give him a hug when he left, but I thought that would be weird.


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