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Scary thing I've noticed

I've been involved in two discussion on main page articles now where so many people think it's ok to wish death on people they disagree with and/or that internet death threats are ok on the internet. I'm used to the whole 'if it's on the internet it's ok' argument but I am shocked by how many people can actually wish the death/murder of someone they disagree with. Has this always been so common and I'm just now realizing it? Or is it getting worse; are we dehumanizing others more than we used to?

Below is a link to the last comment I just left in a thread about the trophy hunter. That one focuses more on the 'internet isn't real' argument but it gets into other stuff. And if you scroll up you see more of the arguments that yeah, it's totally ok to murder this girl because of what she did. How did this happen?! How can people be ok with that?

You know those really scary, radical, evil anti-choicers who actively wish for the death of abortion doctors. And the ones that do it? That's who these guys are. They may be feminists/liberals/vegetarians but that's exactly who they are. This violence and dehumanization is scary and not ok. I don't care what the other person is doing that you disagree with.


Edit: OMG why isn't the link showing up?!

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