It’s coming up on my 20th high school reunion. I didn’t make it to the 10 year reunion (a HS friend was getting married weeks before, so for our friend group, that was the reunion), and I’m not sure I’ll make it to this one. But I did join the Facebook group for it, which led me down a bit of a “where are they now?” rabbit hole.

Seeing one person’s posts brought back something I almost forgot about. She was really horrible, terrible to me in elementary school, and set off the beginning of a bullying campaign that lasted well into middle school (she didn’t continue bullying, but basically set me up to be a target for the popular girls). At 8 years old, I swear, this kid was an evil, manipulative bad seed.

About 5-10 years ago, my sister send me a news story from a local paper. The now adult bad seed was arrested for arson. She set her ex-boyfriend’s car on fire in his driveway. Because she is apparently an absolute idiot, when she bought a can of gas at the gas station, she told the clerk exactly why she was buying it and what she was planning. I have no idea what happened with her trial or sentencing, but I really hope she served at least some jail time.

Anyway, I clicked on her FB profile out of curiosity, and on the timeline that is visible to non-friends, she shared an add for a lawyer with a circle around the letters “Just because you did it, doesn’t mean your guilty” with the comment of “I guess I know who my new lawyer should be!”

Please share your best tales of schadenfreude (only for people who are truly terrible and deserve it, of course).