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Scheduled an appointment with a different dentist for my post op

Tried to not cry while I was doing it, was unsuccessful. (tw tooth stuff)

Basically I told the receptionist what my situation was, that I went to see a different dentist yesterday for tooth pain and that it was a really awful experience, BUT I'm now being set up with an oral surgeon to get rid of my bad wisdom tooth, and I need to see someone different for my post op and a full exam/x rays after surgery. The receptionist was nice enough and offered to let me come in to meet the staff and tour the office before my appointment, if it would help put me at ease.


I'm scared, you guys. Before this whole ordeal I hadn't seen a dentist in like...5 years, which is so embarrassing to admit. My parents literally NEVER took me to see a dentist, ever. I went once when I was 12 because I begged my grandpa to take me after kids at school made fun of my discolored teeth. (I bleached them with a home kit when I was in junior high.) I watched my mom lose all her teeth to drugs, she had like 3-4 teeth for years until she finally got dentures when I was in college.

I took myself to a dentist when I was 20, and by the grace of god had no cavities whatsoever. Dad gave me good tooth genes. I'm sort of freaking myself out now, though. I think I see a cavity forming on one of my bottom molars, and my mouth is so irritated around my top right teeth by the twisted wisdom tooth. I'm scared there's so much work that needs to be done beyond getting this one tooth extracted. I just SO hate the invasive feeling of going to the dentist, it reminds me of a lot of not-good experiences, and the one I saw yesterday was so rough with me and unsympathetic towards my fears...

Does anyone have some happy gifs? :(

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