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Well. It's finally happened. Fake bacon.

No. I'm kidding. We already have fake bacon that's not too bad, for those who are vegetarians or vegans. Still ... here it is .... evidence that eating bacon is very, very important to us. Even when we don't eat pork.


So, for those people who don't eat of the pig for health, cultural, or religious reasons, schmacon is a good alternative. All beef bacon. They don't mention whether or not it will be kosher, though.

Very interesting.

I'm actually kind of oddly fascinated by how much we like our bacon in this country. We bought 627 millions pounds of it in 2012. That is a lot of bacon.

What recipes have you discovered that just randomly add bacon to them for fun?

If you want inspiration, here is the Bacon Wiki. (Watch out. It's got loud ads.)

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