It’s early on a Fri. and I’m up cuz our college president and our safety team insist on waiting until 5:00 am to cancel class. Normally, I wouldn’t be too annoyed (hey, schnerr day!) but I looked outside before bed and as soon as I woke and it looks exactly the same. Our neighbors had footprints in their driveway and they are just as clear right now as they were last night. The college coulda called this last night and I wouldn’t have been woken up by a series of texts at 5:15. :P

But anyway, day off!!

The plan is to wait for Homey to get up, make some espresso, have him make some waffles, eat to my heart’s content, and go back to bed! Going back to bed probably won’t happen but, you know, a girl can dream. :)

How about you guys? Are you safe from SCHNERRPOCALYPSE 2018? What’s your Friday plan?