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Youse guise! I have the day off ‘cuz it’s a schnerr day... even though there’s no schnerr on the ground??? The roads must be icy and baaaaad.

I’m glad for the cancellation, though, because I had a migraine and slept like poopy doo doo last night. As soon as Homey’s up and can wrangle cats, I’m going back to bed for a bit.


Right now, though, I’m watching the Netflix Fyre Fest doc. Billy McFarland seems like such a snake oil salesman—the fast talking and the fast blinking seem so sketch. I keep wondering, would I have fallen for this crap? The approaches of McFarland and Trump, and people’s willingness/ability to fall for whatever line of shit they spew, seem related to me. The willingness to buy into an image, to be led by a white man, to ignore your gut a follow along... his story and Trump’s seem to reveal something deeply disturbing about our culture right now.

Anyway! How are you? What’s your plan for the day?

ETA: I think the reason I’m thinking about Fyre in terms of Trump is that I read this article before starting the movie, in case anyone’s interested:

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