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Schnerry AM OT

Mornin’, y’all! It’s snowing here (hour 13 of what is meant to be a 30 hour storm!). Still no word about a delay or cancellation but there’s a tow ban and it’s whiteout conditions so I’m expecting notice of a cancellation soon.

Because of all the light diffusing off the snow on the ground and the snow that’s still falling, it’s quite bright in my bedroom and I woke at 3 am thinking it was, like, 5! :P I tried laying down for another hour but I’m just up now.


If/when we are cancelled, my plans include waffles, reading for work, attacking Mt. Clothesmore, maaaaybe some grading (but maybe not ;), and hopefully, a nap!

Anyway, how’s everyone else? Anyone else enjoying snow today? :D Is there anyone enjoying actual sunshine?

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