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School/Classes Problem - HELP.

Ok, I have a dilemma.

So I registered for classes for next semester and they're all journalism classes, and one is a news lab class. Today, I received an email from the chair of the journalism department stating that somehow, too many people enrolled in the class. There should be a 15 person limit but somehow there's 19. He asked us to first check if we have all the pre-requisites, and of those who do, he's asking for volunteers to drop the class. If no one volunteers, he'll drop the last 4 who registered.

I...don't quite have the pre-reqs. What the deal is, is that this class requires 3 of 7 specific journalism classes. I took one this past semester, and the other two I'm taking next semester with the news lab. So the registrar probably saw that, as well as me being an upper senior, and figured it's fine.


Now, I can beg the chair to let me stay as I'm "supposed" to graduate in May. Or...I can just drop it. Give up my spot for someone who's definitely graduating in May and has all the pre-reqs who needs the class more than I do. Then I can not only complete the pre-reqs but retake any classes I may have failed this semester (which is a huge possibility). I also didn't do a final paper for a class that I did horrible in already, so I'm considering just emailing the professor, saying give me the F and I'll retake the class in the Spring for a replacement grade.

Do you guys think this is ok? I really have the strong desire to just accept my losses from this past semester and start fresh, ya know?

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