I thought this video was terrible of a busdriver hitting a kid but it reminded me of something. I'm wondering if like me, anyone was in school back in the day when a teacher was allowed to slap the shit out of you, usually more like to push and shove you, when you acted out? And when did that start changing? Because it used to be a thing in public school. In fact, (and it'll make sense because I live in Northern Maine), I know people who got slapped by their teachers for speaking French on the school ground (which is more encouraged now but when we were kids in a bilingual area, some kids got in trouble for speaking French when we were young). I spoke some French as a kid. I wish I remembered more of it but maybe the slapping was a discouragement. I don't remember it being a deterrent that but I have talked to a lot of people as adults who say that happened to them all the time and it prevented them from speaking French. Anyways. Yeah. Things are changing. Sometimes it's for the better.