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School rant

I generally like, even love, my school. Mostly. But this one class is driving me BONKERS.

Ramble-rant ahoy!


We started the year with who I thought would be a good teacher. She had industry experience, which was cool, and felt she could teach us. HOWEVER

- so I accept that my first assignment/lab of a course will not be an amazing mark, as I get to know the teacher’s style and preferred way of doing things (especially if they were vague during the initial description of the work) but this is predicated on these assignments coming back to me in a timely fashion so I can adjust future work. Not lose marks for each assignment because my title page wasn’t to your specifications (which were never explicitly stated, so I foolishly assumed it would be like other classes at my school). If the first assignment had been returned in a reasonable time frame, and not with all the other assignments 8 weeks later...

- showing problems on the PowerPoint presentations is great, unless we skip some and then when studying I go back and realize she never posted how to solve those problems, just posted the questions

- if we have to solve (even simple) math problems on our tests, maybe some homework or problem sets would be useful? We don’t even have a textbook for this class.


- I have two weeks of class left and I still don’t have an official syllabus (“we’re finishing up the last details but I’ll have it for you next week!” 13 weeks ago)

- she then LEFT US for a better job! We got a new teacher with 5 or so weeks left


- which would be fine except I can TOTALLY tell this is his first time and he’s rushed. The slides are repetitive and occasionally contradictory. I can tell there is literal copying and pasting without any discrimination going on (at least make sure you don’t have the same sentence on three different slides?). We also skipped an entire unit due to this change-up

- the last topic in class, his references were from Wikipedia. Wiki-fucking-pedia is not acceptable for a teacher. If I can’t use it (and I totally understand and accept why) then the teachers can’t, either


- this new teacher is also not so quick with the marking. He only posts grades when, as a class, we go “soooooo about that quiz mark”. We’re still waiting on an assignment grade from three weeks ago.

- I have a test in this class today that is not in our regular classroom, but instead in one of the computer labs. Do I know which one? No, because he didn’t post that information. Luckily, I know the floor and our school is small but is it weird of me to expect room changes to be posted on the eBlackboard so every student is aware of it?


- more personal, but I didn’t get a good grade on that last quiz (like 20 percentage points lower than what I was expecting, and I studied, dammit) and I want to talk to him about it but I’ve realized he never said his office hours or contact information. I have to somehow ask him about it after our test today (once a week class).

- one good thing: original teacher organized an amazing and very helpful and useful field trip. A+ for field trip idea


Like, my other classes are mostly fine. I generally have positive comments and thoughts about my other classes and instructors. But I can’t help thinking my school is going to end up on some sort of investigative journalism show and lose its accreditation in shame and all my work will have gone to nothing. Oh God! We’re going to be on John Oliver! *sigh* but this is the only school that offers this program.

Anyway, rant over. I feel much better now.

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