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I’m not sure if this is just a “stricter” teacher than I’m used to, or if he’s actually over the line (or both or neither, I guess). This latest “assignment” of his is just driving me crazy and maybe talk me down?

So we have to do a quick 5-7 minute presentation about a process for class. Lots of diagrams, just a quick explainer, but you gotta know it. He will tell you if you are presenting and on what 1 week before. If you’re not here, too bad, you miss out on that grade. 0%. OK so far (strict, but your classroom, dude). However, if no one in the class asks you a question afterwards, he takes off a mark. Weird, but okay. We’ve been good about asking questions to avoid that. Last week we had a test, and SOP at our school is to clear the tables and put all our stuff (notebooks, backpacks, etc) at the front of the class. Except he decided to do some talking/housekeeping. And he decided that instead of assigning 6 people 6 subjects for next week, we should all prepare all 6 of them, and then he will randomly pick a person to present. Do we have our notebooks or agendas to write this down? No, because they’re at the front of the class because we have a test. Oh, and don’t even think about emailing him about this (he said this). So I’m half-remembering right now what I’m supposed to do, and we can’t agree as a class what exactly he wants. I think he wants us to prepare 6 separate power points. Others think he will just ask about it in our seats, and we don’t have to get up or prepare visuals.


This is isn’t the first stunt like this he’s pulled, where he’s changed the parameters drastically and spontaneously. He’s changed homework requirements from week to week. He is also cruel and I think at least a little bit racist to the Indian international students (he still doesn’t know their names, but knows my white-ass self). Yesterday, we had a lab from 2:30 to 4:30. Due to an incoming winter storm, the school posted a notice that they would be closing at 3:30. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I had a sneaking suspicion he would not cancel the lab. I was right. I ran into him in the hall and he said he was expecting all of us there. He initially wanted us to do two lab’s worth of work because the following section was definitely not coming (as school was closed at 3:30 - we were making supplies, so he wanted to us make twice the amount. Okay... but it was our first time doing so, so that’s a lot of stuff to expect from first timers!). Eventually, the lab was cancelled at about 3 or so when his boss found us in the lab and told us to get the fuck out and that the school needed to be EMPTY by 3:30 and he can’t keep us.

Right now, he “likes” me, but I think that’s only because I haven’t done anything “wrong” like ask a question he feels shouldn’t have been asked or give him a wrong answer. He teaches two of my classes and one of my labs.

Is this... standard? I’ve been to a few post-secondary schools now and I’ve never encountered this but I’m willing to admit that maybe I’ve been extremely lucky and this is totally de rigeur.

And yes, I’m procrastinating on making six powerpoints to make a rant.

Have a polar bear cub!

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