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School Spring Concert ends Awkwardly

My school had its spring concert this evening. In past years, the youngest kids went early in the program and often the parents would take their kids and leave after their performance. This bothered my principal, so he decided that he wanted the Kindergartens to go on last. The Concert was scheduled to go from 6:30 to 7:30.

So anyways, the way we do it is, the kids hang out in their classrooms waiting to perform. I put Beauty and the Beast on for them, and the talking candlesticks, clocks and teapots blew one of my boy’s minds. He kept asking why they could talk, and was not satisfied with the “magic” answer. He didn’t like that they were talking, either. They he got obsessed with the Rose and kept asking if all the petals had fallen off yet.

Anyways, the movie ended, and shortly after that we went up on stage. The kids did their songs and then as the principal was thanking people for coming, I noticed a commotion in the audience. A fight had broken out between two people, and a third person, the father of one of my students was trying to break it up, the was an awkward pause the Principal called out for them to stop but the fight kept going. The last thing I saw as they were drawing the curtains was the Prinicpal jumping off the stage in the direction of the fight.


The little girl whose Dad was breaking up the fight was hysterical. Her Mom had had a baby last week, and so it was just her Dad, her 2 year old brother, and a cousin sitting in the audience. I held her and told her Daddy was ok, that he was trying to help and the Principal went to help too. Then she said “I couldn’t see my baby brother!” I tried to reassure her as was went back to the classroom and sure enough, her Dad and brother were waiting for her by the classroom door.

Meanwhile, a woman I had never seen before came to collect the little boy who had been weirded out by Beauty and the Beast. She seemed to be really in a hurry, but I figured they were just weirded out by the fight and wanted to get home.

Well I was close. Found out later that this boy’s mom had been fighting the mother of another kindergarten kid, fortunately, the other kid isn’t in my class.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

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