Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

tomorrow! tomorrow! i love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away! i adore my children, i do, i really do, but summer is just a couple of weeks too long. husband and i got positively giddy last night packing their backpacks with all their bright shiny new school supplies (thank you again, Dad!) even the kids are pretty thrilled to be going back to school. i just have to make bread tonight for lunches, since i don't know if the school's got their food sorted out yet.*

so, about those tomatoes. i have dozens. possibly even hundreds. i put in 6 tomato plants in my garden, being completely unaware that my stepdad had put in, oh, 20 or so in theirs. my mom is undergoing radiation for breast cancer, so she doesn't have the energy to deal with them (she's doing great, just tired), so every few days i get a couple dozen more. every flat surface is covered in tomatoes.


so far, i've made and canned 5 quarts and 3 pints whole tomatoes in juice, 7 pints of plain tomato sauce, 8 half-pints of sweet-spicy tomato jam, and (going really out on a limb, here) 3 pints of candied yellow pear tomatoes. i've made fresh salsa (gonna make some to can in a day or 2). i've made tomato and cucumber salad. i've made a couple quarts of dried tomatoes. i've had tomatoes on every sandwich i've made for the last 2 weeks. there are still a zillion freakin' tomatoes!

so, my dear, dear, GTers, what are your favourite things to do with tomatoes? recipes, ideas, suggestions... i'll take whatever you've got. i love tomatoes, and i wait all year for "real" garden tomatoes, but right now i'm so sick of the damn things... give me new things to do with them!

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