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School Walk-Out

So... Baby Bear wants to participate in the School Walk Out day next Wednesday. I told him that the school district sent out a letter saying that there would be no disciplinary action taken against students who choose to participate, as long as they are peaceful and remain on school property.

We live in a very pro-gun community, so I was a wee bit worried about how this would go for him (he is already the target for quite a bit of bullying). But he tells me that his friends are in on the idea, and a bunch of people that he has talked to want to participate. I told him to talk to his homeroom teacher about where in the building they could go for the walkout (because it’s super cold, and the letter from the school district mentioned that there would be a space available for this purpose. But his teacher has no idea where that would be.

I am torn... I want to help him make this happen for him, but I also really want him to figure this all out for himself. He and his friends are talking about putting up fliers, asking the office to mention the walk-out on the morning announcements... I tried to explain that the school might not want to get involved in OKing kids walking out... but they *did* send the letter.


I have talked with him about how this walk-out might not be all that popular. “That’s OK” he said “I believe it’s important, and we need change, and this might be a way that I can help, and if no one else participates, at least *I* will have done something”.

This is such an interesting mix of “It’s sanctioned by the school” and “walking out of class to prove a point to school administrators and politicians” that I’m not really sure what to make of it. This was 100% NOT part of my school days!

I want to back off and let him figure this out + but I also want to help him succeed = the Parenting Dilemma.

I’m guessing that this walk-out is more of a High School thing, and he’s in middle school, (and his school is not listed as participating on some website he found when he was looking up what this was all about), but... It’s still happening in middle schools, right?


My daughter, still in elementary school, is too terrified at the possibility of getting into trouble to want to do anything along these lines at this point.

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