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Today was another boring work day, so by the end I asked the fella to play MASH with me via text, and these were his results. Then it got me thinking about all of the schoolyard games I played as a kid. Anyone ever noticed how many of the ones passed on through generations tended to be hyper focused on the future and what being a grown up would look like? Also, was this primarily a girl culture thing (this meaning fortune tellers, stiff as a board, etc)? The fella had no idea what MASH was, but I have yet to meet a woman my age or younger who hasn't played it. Where did this game originate and how does everyone know it?


What schoolyard/note passing games have you played? Was this a part of your culture growing up? Alternately, lets play MASH in the comments.

Obligatory clip:


ETA: I just played an automated online version here and this is my future.

Schoolyard gamesOnce upon a time, you met Myself and got married.
Schoolyard games Schoolyard gamesYou moved to Prince\'s Closet and lived in a House.
Schoolyard gamesYou eventually had 17 kids with Myself.
Schoolyard games Schoolyard gamesYou drove around in a magenta Weinermobile.
Schoolyard gamesYou worked as a The queen\'s shoe fitter until the age of 65, when you retire.

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