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Schumer and McConnell behind closed doors--possible agreement?????

So the two bills —-Trump’s bill, the GOP bill failed the votes —altho 6 GOP senators voted with the Democrats.

Sounds like if Trump has told reporters if he can get SOME down payment on the fucking wall he’ll go with it—sounds like he blinked.

IF THEY DO THIS NOW, they can make payroll so people will get that second paycheck. I think tho it may have to go back to Pelosi.


Big question is what is a down payment? Trump’s numbers went down in a new poll today. Trump saying he will accept a new number if McConnell and Schumer can come up with one.

Hahaha...Trump is absolutely babbling—he is all excited because Manchin voted with the GOP, but SIX GOP voted with the Democrats—no mention of this. He is tap dancing like Shirley Temple to spin this as a “win”.

Oh and Ann Coulter is all butthurt because TRUMP unfollowed her on Twitter.

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