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There's been a lot of interest in the inclusion/exclusion of PoC in various arts fields; film, tv, writing, etc., and I haven't seen anyone post anything like this, and I thought people might be interested. For a very long time there were only Samuel Delaney and Octavia Butler writing, but in the last few years, as sf and fantasy have exploded as a combined genre, there are also more writers of color. Preceding Delaney and Butler, there was Amos Tutuola, a writer of magic realism and fantastic folklore, who was from Nigeria, and wrote in the early 20th century.

It's a listicle, basically, of sf and fantasy authors of color, specifically from the African Diaspora and (some) African countries. I'd like to do more lists, say of First Nations authors, South Asian authors, etc., but I thought I'd start with this one.


I make no claims that it's complete; in fact, I hope it's not. I hope there a more authors out there that I'm unaware of, and if anyone knows of them, let me know in the comments, and I can add them on. And I apologize if I've missed anyone obvious.

I would also recommend two anthologies: "Dark Matter", I and II, and I have not included all of the authors who contributed because many of them, like W.E.B. Dubois are known not so much for writing in this genre, and may have only written one sf/fantasy story which is in one of these two volumes. Also a non-fiction title; "Afro-Future Females: Black Writers Chart Science Fiction's Newest New Wave Trajectory" edited by Marleen S. Barr. And, finally a link to "Pumzi" a short sf film from Kenya which was shown at Sundance (and I think Eisenbolan originally posted it :)).

I'm including science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural, magic realism; basically anything that falls under the speculative fiction umbrella. I'm not going to list the titles they've written, because that would make the post unbelievably long, but I am going to include country of origin, where known, because in some cases the authors, for example Ndedi Okorafor, draw on their cultural roots. If not given, assume they are American.


And, full disclosure; I am a white person, but sf/fantasy is my area of professional expertise.

Banks, L. A.

Barnes, Steven

Butler, Octavia

Delaney, Samuel

Due, Tananarive

Durham, David Anthony

Evaristo, Bernardine (U.K.)

Glass, Seressia

Hairston, Andrea

Hopkinson, Nalo (Canadian, pan-Caribbean)

Faust, Minister (Canadian)

Jemison, N. K.

Johnson, Alaya Dawn

Lord, Karen (American of Caribbean descent)

Okorafor, Ndedi (American of Nigerian descent)

Owomoyela, An (from i09)

Oyeyemi, Helen (thanks Burninghen)

Mosley, Walter

Reed, Ishmael

Salaam, Kiini

Samatar, Sofia (American of Somali/Swiss descent)

Saunders, Charles (American ex-pat now in Canada)

Shawl, Nisi

Taylor, Terence

Tutuola, Amos (Nigerian)

Whitehead, Colson

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